Notice Board

News Title News Date
o Webinar on Optimization and AI Techniques dated 06-11-2020 12.10.2020
o Invitation for Webinar on Software Defined Networking (SDN) dated 31-10-2020 29.09.2020
o Webinar on Robotics in Everyday Life – Threat or Opportunity dated 23-10-2020 29.09.2020
o Invitation for Webinar on Publication Ethics and Plagiarism dated 16-10-2020 29.09.2020
o GGSIPU Notice for detailed procedure of Admission in MCA Programme during the Academic Year 2020-2021 10.09.2020
o Invitation for Webinar on National Education Policy (NEP)-2020 dated 09-10-2020 08.09.2020
o Webinar on Virtual Reality and Augmentation 04.09.2020
o Two Weeks Refresher Course / FDP "Engineering, Physical Sciences and Management" during 19 – 31 October, 2020 - Detailed Brochure and Programme Schedule 04.09.2020
o Webinar on Cyber Warfare, Cyber Security and Cyber Citizenship 04.09.2020
o Webinar on The Art of Writing Research Papers 04.09.2020
o Notice for Fee Submission for 2020 - 2021 of MCA-2nd and 3rd Year students 26.08.2020
o Thorogood conducting Online Placement drive for Batch-2021 14.08.2020
o Result of IVP Placement Drive for Batch-2021 14.08.2020
o Notice related to schedule of conduct of CET by GGSIPU, New Delhi. 13.08.2020
o Invitation for Webinar on Robotics and Automation Processes dated 12-09-2020 06.08.2020
o Invitation for Webinar on "How to Write Technical Books?" dated 28-08-2020 05.08.2020
o Invitation for Webinar on Research Methodology dated 05-09-2020 05.08.2020
o One Week Capacity Building Workshop on Moodle Open Source Learning Management System (LMS) during 07-12 September, 2020 - Detailed Brochure and Programme Schedule 05.08.2020
o Notice for MCA Programme being made of two years w.e.f. 2020-2021and required Eligibility conditions. 30.07.2020
o e-Kavi Sammelan organized by BVICAM & NCPUL, New Delhi in collaboration with IETE , ISTE, IITP & CSI 28.07.2020