Subjects Semester Wise

Subject Title Programme
o Communication: Concepts & Processes BA(JMC)
o Contemporary India: An Overview BA(JMC)
o Basics of Design and Graphics BA(JMC)
o Personality Development BA(JMC)
o Writing Skills BA(JMC)
o Human Values and Ethics BA(JMC)
o Discrete Structures MCA
o Computer Networks MCA
o Operating Systems with Linux MCA
o Database Management Systems MCA
o Object Oriented Programming and JAVA MCA
Subject Title Programme
o Print Journalism BA(JMC)
o Media Laws and Ethics BA(JMC)
o Still Photography BA(JMC)
o Health Communication BA(JMC)
o Sports Journalism BA(JMC)
o Design and Graphics Lab – II BA(JMC)
o Object Oriented Software Engineering MCA
o Data and File Structures MCA
o Python Programming MCA
o Full Stack Development MCA
o Digital Marketing MCA
Subject Title Programme
o Development Communication BA(JMC)
o Basics of Radio Programming and Production BA(JMC)
o Basics of Video Camera, Lights and Sound BA(JMC)
o Radio Jockeying and News Reading BA(JMC)
o Video Editing BA(JMC)
o Summer Training Report BA(JMC)
o Design and Analysis of Algorithms MCA
o Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning MCA
o Cloud Computing MCA
o e-Business Systems MCA
o Multimedia Technologies MCA
o Cyber Security and Cyber Laws MCA
Subject Title Programme
o Basics of Advertising BA(JMC)
o Basics of Public Relations BA(JMC)
o Television Programming and Production BA(JMC)
o Television News: Reporting and Anchoring BA(JMC)
o Corporate Communication BA(JMC)
Subject Title Programme
o Basics of New Media BA(JMC)
o Media Research BA(JMC)
o Event Management BA(JMC)
o Digital Media Marketing BA(JMC)
o Film Appreciation BA(JMC)
Subject Title Programme
o Media Management and Entrepreneurship BA(JMC)
o Global Media: An Overview BA(JMC)
o Environmental Studies BA(JMC)
o Final Project and Comprehensive Viva BA(JMC)
Bridge Course
Subject Title Programme
o Fundamentals of Computer Systems MCA
o Computer Architecture and Organization MCA
o Introduction to Programming in C MCA
o An Introduction to Programming through C++ MCA
o Software Engineering MCA