Webinar on Virtual Reality and Augmentation

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IEEE Delhi Section with Computer Society Chapter, Consultants Network Affinity Group, Life Member Affinity Group, Inter Society Relations, Industry Relations & SIGHT Standing Committees of IEEE Delhi with the associations CSI, Safa Society, ISTE Delhi Section, IETE Delhi Centre, invites you for a Webinar on 03-October-2020, the Saturday, at 06:00 p.m.

Augmented and virtual reality can nowadays be found in multiple applications such as visual simulations, training, healthcare, entertainment and many other fields. Traditionally, the area depended on advances in computer graphics, human computer interaction and artificial intelligence to offer a high-quality experience to the users. In recent years the area has experienced rapid advancement with the introduction of augmented and virtual reality technologies, more realistic physics, better interaction controllers based on sensors and actuators, machine learning and computer network quality of service. These advancements pose significant research opportunities that can further aid the area. This webinar aims to explore the latest advancements in the areas of Augmented and Virtual Realities in terms of technologies, hardware and applications

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Friday, 4 September, 2020 - 14:50