One Week Faculty Development Programme(FDP) on “Machine Learning using Python Programming” during 06-11 November, 2023

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Nowadays, machine learning permeates many different industries. It is the process of going through a vast amount of data of various kinds to find undiscovered correlations, hidden patterns, and other important information. Artificial neural networks, a class of algorithms used in deep learning, are models for the structure and operation of the brain. Machine learning and deep learning approaches, such as predictive analysis, effective retrieval, and speedier analysis for knowledge discovery, are used in a variety of industries, from technology to finance to government. Such FDPs based on emerging areas are necessary for faculties and Ph.D. scholars as machine learning provides insight into discovering patterns, classification, prediction and forecasting techniques. In this FDP, there will be technical sessions on the following topics, by experts’ trainers from academics:

 Areas of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

 Research Methodology, Data Types and Different Machine Learning Algorithms

 Python for Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

 Regression: Hands on coding using Python

 Trend Analysis (with different case studies)

 Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in Cyber Security Page 2 of 2  Natural Language Processing (NLP)

 Data Visualization  Advanced Research Application and Opportunities in Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning

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Monday, 23 October, 2023 - 13:30