One Week Faculty Development Programme on "Cyber Security with IBM Qradar" during 25-29 September, 2023

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The objective of this Faculty Development Programme (FDP) is to enables Faculties to upgrade their skills to become a catalyst for reinvention in their own and students’ lives. In a world that’s constantly evolving, it’s important for us to stay updated to stay ahead. Faculty Buildathon is designed to expand your horizon and equip you with practical and hands-on technical knowledge. Get ahead with the help of technical bootcamps, expert mentoring, access to licensed software, IBM Cloud, self-learning courses and many exciting benefits at no charge. In this FDP, there will be technical sessions on the following topics, by experts trainers from IBM:

 Introduction to Networking

 Introduction To CEH

 Introduction to Linux

 Vulnerability AnalysiS

  Social Engineering

 Hacking Web Applications


 Web Application Testing & Qradar Management & SIEM Log Monitoring

 SOC & SIEM & Qradar

 Qradar Installation

 IBM Cloud Services

 Mini Project 

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Tuesday, 3 October, 2023 - 15:10