One Week Capacity Building Workshop on "Moodle Open Source Learning Management System (LMS)" during 22-27 November, 2021

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Development and implementation of good academic processes in institutionalized manner using technology has become inevitable in present day context. The objective of this workshop is to nurture the philosophy of using technology for day to day teaching learning system and build the capacity of the young Faculty Members / Heads of department / Principal / Directors of the Institutions, so as to facilitate the institutionalization of the technology in general and Moodle LMS in particular in the Teaching Learning System and other Academic Processes of the Institution. The workshop will have sufficient discussions, deliberations and problem solving, in case study approach, as to integrate Moodle LMS in our day to day teaching learning processes, including Assessment and Evaluation. In this workshop, there will be technical sessions on the following topics, by practicing experts of the domain:-  

  • Introduction to Moodle LMS
  • Moodle LMS Installation
  • Admin Dashboard, Creation of Categories and Courses in Moodle LMS
  • Resource Planning and Creation in Moodle LMS
  • User Creation, Roles, Teacher’s Dashboard in Moodle LMS
  • Course Enrollment and External Database Connectivity in Moodle LMS
  • Assignments, Question Banks, Quizzes, Grading and Reporting in Moodle LMS
  • Plugins and Advance Topics in Moodle LMS
  • Student Communication in Moodle LMS
  • Survey Activities in Moodle LMS
  • Google Classroom, Mind Map & Exam.Net
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Thursday, 14 October, 2021 - 16:40