Invitation for Webinar on Social IoT Networks dated 06-01-2024

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IEEE Delhi Section with Computer Society Chapter, Consultants Network Affinity Group, Life Member Affinity Group, Inter Society Relations, Industry Relations & SIGHT Standing Committees of IEEE Delhi with the associations CSI, Safa Society, ISTE Delhi Section, IETE Delhi Centre, invites you for a Webinar on 06-January-2024, the Saturday, at 06:00 p.m.

Social IoT (or SIoT) is an alternate architectural pattern for IoT, which involves IoT devices with social, behavioral attributes. A SIoT-based service network uses social collaboration between IoT devices (acting as service users or service providers or both) to enable lowlatency collaborative services and applications. A key challenge in implementing a SIoTbased service network in a multi-vendor environment of heterogeneous devices is Trust. The challenge is in prioritizing and selecting trustworthy service provider(s) autonomously and independently by a service user IoT node. The problem is significantly tougher to solve in networks with IoT devices that are resource constrained. In this session, the participants will be introduced to the Social IoT concept and how it compares with the traditional architectural pattern for building IoT solutions. The topic of trust management in Social IoT networks will be next introduced, including a discussion on the variety of security attacks possible in a Social IoT network. Lastly, trust models used in online social networks (OSNs) and (online) service-based networks will be discussed, and how they can be adapted to work with Social IoT. 

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Sunday, 24 December, 2023 - 21:50