Invitation for Webinar on How to Keep Ourselves Relevant in Rapidly Changing Disruptive Ecosystem of 21st Century dated 04-05-2024

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IEEE Delhi Section with Computer Society Chapter, Consultants Network Affinity Group, Life Member Affinity Group, Inter Society Relations, Industry Relations & SIGHT Standing Committees of IEEE Delhi with the associations CSI, Safa Society, ISTE Delhi Section, IETE Delhi Centre, invites you for a Webinar on 04-May-2024, the Saturday, at 06:00 p.m.

In 21st century, technological disruption is a necessary evil! Industries are facing significant disruption and uncertainty, in a continuously rapidly disruptive changing ecosystem. Learning, unlearning and relearning; skilling, upskilling and reskilling is becoming the order of the day. To gracefully face the challenges of the rapidly changing disruptive ecosystem, keeping ourselves relevant and useful is the billion dollar question. This session is aimed to provide the much needed necessary knowledge required to embrace this highly uncertain future environment, while navigating their jobs and career choices. Our expert, Mr. Anand Sampath will provide a CEO’s and a Risk Expert’s perspective to this topic based on global research done by various entities and discuss its all possible dimensions.

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Saturday, 6 April, 2024 - 16:30