Invitation for Webinar on Default is Digital dated 04-06-2022

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IEEE Delhi Section with Computer Society Chapter, Consultants Network Affinity Group, Life Member Affinity Group, Inter Society Relations, Industry Relations & SIGHT Standing Committees of IEEE Delhi with the associations CSI, Safa Society, ISTE Delhi Section, IETE Delhi Centre, invites you for a Webinar on 04-June-2022, the Saturday, at 06:00 p.m.

In US, after post Dot Com bubble burst, only two technology companies occupied the Top 10 position as per market capitalization. 2019 onwards, there were 7 tech companies, part of the list. And surprisingly, 6 are those which were not there in the original list at all! What is happening? Of course, we all did not have mobile phone then. Instead, we were using PCO phones with 1 Re coin to call. It is new wave; the Digital Wave. So, in this backdrop, what will be the future; 20 years down the line? The webinar will be addressing important upcoming technological trends compelling us to change in next two decades. Let's dream it together.

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Monday, 4 April, 2022 - 17:30