Invitation for Evening Symposium on the theme "Emerging Technologies for Effective Management of the Pandemic" dated 02-11-2020

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Use Cases of 5G in today’s world - 5G can help the future to help in more than one way in difficult times like COVID-19. Right from using devices which require low latency applications to very high bandwidth to having large number of connected devices, 5G can help pave the way for the new normal world. Some of these use cases specially from Indian context and how it will help us with a better world will be discussed.

IOT Technology & its Use Cases for Pandemic - IOT Technology can be of immense use in effectively managing pandemics like COVID-19 specially in detection, contact tracing, cluster identification, compliance of quarantine, patient and elderly care. Some of these use cases will be discussed.

Digital Twin: defining future of manufacturing in the post COVID-19 world - Digital twin is a digital replica of physical asset, system or process across its lifecycle, for enabling the understanding, learning, reasoning and dynamically recalibrating for improved decision making in real time and drive positive business outcome. The talk will present how digital twin technology is setting the new normal for manufacturing industry and helping to maintain business continuity during this pandemic without putting employees at risk, by enabling remote operation in the factory, remote monitoring of critical processes for quality control, virtual training of new systems, etc. though rich immersive experience and real-time data analytics.

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Wednesday, 21 October, 2020 - 10:40