Important Information for Admission to MCA Programme of BVICAM, New Delhi

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ADMISSION 2016-2017 
(Important Information for Students and Parents)


The admission to MCA Programme of this Institute, for the Academic Year 2016-2017, will be done by GGSIP University, New Delhi, based upon the CET-2016 conducted for the purpose, by GGSIP University, New Delhi.

90% of the seats will be filled in by the Centralized Counseling to be conducted by GGSIP University, New Delhi, based on its CET-2016. Further details in this regard may be obtained from the website of the GGSIP University Remaining 10% of the seats are reserved for Management Category. Admission to these 10% Reserved Management Category Seats will be done by the Management of the Institute, on merit, from within the students having qualified the CET-2016 of the GGSIP University, New Delhi, as per the Instruction of the Govt. of NCT, Delhi and GGSIP University, New Delhi. For this, Students shall have to visit the Institute personally along with a proof of their GGSIPU CET Rank and other academic records and fill up a prescribed application form latest by 30th June, 2016. Detailed rank profile of the students admitted under General Category, at our Institute, during last five academic years, at the end of the second counseling, are available here, for the information of students and parents.


(Prof. M. N. Hoda)

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Tuesday, 10 May, 2016 - 16:50