Welcome to INDIACom-2014
08th INDIACom; International Conference
"Computing For Sustainable Global Development"
05th to 07th March, 2014.
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     Throughout the world, nations have started recognizing that IT is now acting as a catalyst in speeding up the economic activity in efficient governance, citizens' empowerment and in improving the quality of human life. Since its inception in the year 2007, INDIACom has attracted eminent academicians, scientists, researchers, industrialists, technocrats, government representatives, social visionaries and experts from all strata of society, to explore the new horizons of innovations to identify opportunities and define the path forward. This new path is aimed at eliminating isolation, discouraging redundant efforts and promoting scientific progress to accelerate nations’ economic growth to prominence in the international arena; and also at contributing effectively to realize the nations’ vision of sustainable inclusive development using computing. Encouraged by the resounding success met with the prior seven editions of INDIACom, organized at national level, we, now, announce 8th edition of INDIACom as INDIACom-2014, at international level for the first time, which aims to provide an effective platform to the researchers from all over the world to show-case their original research work, have effective exchange of ideas and develop a strategic plan for balanced and inclusive growth of economy through IT in critical areas like E-Governance, E-Commerce, Disaster Management, GIS, Geo-spatial Technologies, Nano-Technology, Intellectual Property Rights, AI and Expert Systems, Networking, Software Engineering, High Performance Computing and other Emerging Technologies.

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