Natinal Student Convention 2014

7th8th March, 2014                                                                                                 

The evening of 7th March saw the inauguration of, Computer Society Of India-National Students’ Convention (CSI-NSC), an annual national event organized by BVICAM, which was sponsored by Micromax. The lamp was finally lit and audience comprising of faculties, authors, guests and students became a part of this inauguration. The much awaited, final bout of India Com which commenced with the first grand opening event Fadango, a western dance competition which attracted over 30 dance groups from various colleges of Delhi University, GGSIPU to name a few. The performances pulled the audience into adrenaline frenzy with most cheering the performers. The day indeed ended high on the energy quotient.


CSI-NSC 2014 provided the perfect podium to young budding professionals to express themselves and promote technological escalation in the form of paper presentation. CSI-NSC is a mega event which is a depiction of youth, its ebullience and its channelized synergy.


The following day, 8th March 2014, Besides paper presentation, CSI-NSC also played host to a volley of cultural and technical events, including The Website Designing competition, The Quiz, The Programming Challenge, Brainstorming, Dance competition, Lan Gaming, Street Play and The Race Against Time Challenge, Tractate, wherein students presented their research papers. In addition to these events, a lottery was also conducted wherein the winners received micromax tablets and chocolates as the prizes.


All the competitions received tremendous response in terms of participation. Students nationwide, showed interest in participating and winning various events at the CSI-NSC 2014. There were prizes over a total worth of Rs1,00,000/- that were distributed to the winners along with certificates.

The participation for the CSI-NSC 2014, came from major colleges of Delhi university and various other prestigious universities. At the end of NSC, the certificates were distributed by Prof M.N. Hoda, Director, BVICAM to all the student volunteers.

BVICAM played perfect host to conduct the CSI-NSC 2014 flawlessly, and hence it proved to be an exhilarating experience for all those attending the event and a rather satisfying one for those who organized it. It will be remembered as an event, successful and larger, than as anticipated.

Published On: Wednesday, 26 March, 2014
Uploaded On: Wednesday, 26 March, 2014