IoT and Edge Computing

Invited Talk


IoT and Edge Computing

Bharati Vidyapeeth Institute’s of Computer Applications and Management, New Delhi organized an Invited Talk on “IoT and Edge Computing” on 8th Feb 2018. The honorable speaker of the talk was Mr. Ankit Gupta, Software Development Engineer- Level 2 at Amazon Seattle, USA.

The event begun with the floral welcome of the esteemed guests. The session was based on IoT and Edge computing in which various Edge Cloud Computing Technologies, significance of IoT and other associated issues were discussed.

The talk started by introducing the audience with three pillars of services – Devices, Cloud, for storage and computing power and Intelligence for data insights. Data analytics is required for deep insights of the data. Mr. Ankit told students that we only make use of hardly 1% of data from cloud and if we have 10 GB data per day at cloud then out of it only 1% is relevant. Edge computing delivers tangible value to both consumers and Industrial IoT use cases. It can help reduce connectivity costs by sending only the information that matters instead of raw streams of sensor data, which is particularly valuable on devices that connect via LTE/cellular such as smart meters or asset trackers. Also, when dealing with a massive amount of data produced by sensors in an industrial facility or a mining operation for instance, having the ability to analyze and filter the data before sending it can lead to huge savings in network and computing resources. Mr. Ankit with his enlightening speech sketched the picture of how Edge Computing works. It allows data from internet of things devices to be analyzed at the edge of the network before being sent to a data centre or cloud. He further informed the audience about AWS GreenGrass, a software that allows processing and analysis of data at the deg of an IoT ecosystem. He discussed various GreenGrass core software, features and benefits of using it.

The session was attended by BVICAM faculty and students. Also present were Mr. Shiv Kumar, RVP CSI R-I & Div-I. Prof. MN Hoda, felicitated the speaker with a momento. Mrs. Tanya Pathak Garg, Assistant Professor, Ms. Asmita Budhiraja and Ms. Nainika Agarwal, MCA II year students, BVICAM coordinated the entire session.

Published On: Friday, 9 February, 2018
Uploaded On: Friday, 9 February, 2018